Monday, September 15, 2008

A Girl of Many...Shirts?!

Ever since Elle finally realized that she can reach her shirts in the closet at any time, she has been dressing herself. Every time I'm not paying close enough attention to her, I will finally notice that she looks little...puffy. I will go over to her to get a closer look and realize that she has on at least 5 shirts! She looks adorable with her stylish layering, but I am getting really tired of doing so much laundry!!


jen1313 said...

Really cute. I guess she loves dress up even in regular clothes. Not fun laundry though. Good luck.

LouandAngela said...

Don't you know, you should only have to wash the top shirt and the bottom shirt. Right? :) Funny girl.

Isaiah and Emma emptied out Emma's dresser today while I was in my room next door. I didn't realize that that was what they were up to until I heard a loud BOOM! I went running into their room, phone in hand to discover her dresser on top of her. I dropped the phone on the ground, frantically looked around for Isaiah as I lifted the dresser off of Emma. There was Isaiah, just to the side of Emma, but a little lower down! Once I got them out and saw there wasn't much blood (Isaiah's fingers were all scraped and bloody, but that's it), I picked up the phone and apologized and got off quickly. I felt the protection of guardian angels on those two little rugrats.

Once everybody was settled down (both poopy diapers changed--forget potty training!), we sat together and said a prayer of thanks for the protection. It was really cute to hear Emma's sweet voice thanking Heavenly Father for protecting them!