Monday, May 24, 2010

Fire Station Tour

On Saturday we scheduled a tour of our fire station. My sister and brother came and brought their kids and a couple of families from my ward tagged along. We had tons of fun. The fire chief talked to the kids about fire safety and embarrassed all the parents when we all realized we hadn't had a single fire drill in our homes. Oops!

Lincoln is such a smarty pants and answered almost every single question the fire chief asked us. They asked Lincoln if he was a genius, and replied that he was a scientist and he makes potions. He is such a cutie and had us all laughing the entire time.

Ava got up and demonstrated Stop-Drop-and Roll for us. She even remembered to cover her face with her hands.

Then we got to see the 2 different kinds of fire-trucks and the ambulance. We headed outside and covered our ears when they turned on the siren.

The fire chief got all of his gear on to show the kids how he would look and sound if he were trying to rescue them in a fire. He crawled over to Morgan and she just smiled. Who knew she could be so brave?

We all had so much fun and learned a lot. Thanks for coming with us!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Hippity Hop Ball Races

We had Ava and Owen over for a playdate today. While Elle and Miles were napping (an absolute miracle, btw), Morgan, Ava, and Owen had hippity hop ball races out back. They had so much fun...but Ava and Owen never made it across the yard without falling once or twice. :)