Wednesday, November 28, 2012


All three kids entered Reflections this year. The theme was The Magic of a Moment. Miles won a full size Hershey's bar, Elle won a participation certificate and a Hershey's and Morgan won an Honorable Mention and a ribbon. I am so proud of all my kids :) Morgan's Poem: Snow is Magic Snow is falling on the ground. Snow is everywhere. Snowmen are to be found. Who hibernates? Wolf and bear! We play in the snow this very day. Snow ice cream is so good. When we go outside to play. Snow ice cream is the food! Snow is white we all know that. Thos who don't got to show it. But something special we all chat. The magic of a moment! Elle's entry:
Miles' entry:

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School!

Morgan and Elle had their first day of school today. I can't believe Morgan is old enough for 3rd grade and Elle looks too tiny for second grade! They both picked out their own outfits and opted for ponytails because of the wind. I am super proud of them and can't wait to hear how it went :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kids' Restaurant

The kids got it in their head that they want to fly in an airplane. So they decided to host a restaurant to earn money. We invited family and friends over and the kids made up their own menu and prices. Miles was the maitre d and the girls were servers. Everyone seemed to have a good time :) Thanks to everyone who was willing to come and help our kids out!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Elle's Tea Party

The girls only have 4 days of school left, so we thought it would be fun to have some of Elle's friends over to play before school gets out. I went to the DI and got some tea cups and saucers and happened to have leftover doilies from who-knows-when. We made finger sandwiches, cream cheese cucumber and pb honey, apples and graham crackers. Our tea for our party was actually lemonade and cute mini pink cupcakes for dessert. The girls had so much fun :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Case of the Missing Snacks

Morgan invited some friends from school over for a detective party. We sent out invitations explaining that the snacks we bought for Morgan to share with her friends had gone missing! We needed help from her friends to follow the clues and find the snacks. The first thing we did was put the girls' thumbprints on their detective badges that listed thier secret code name. Then we made masks so we would be in disguise while we followed the clues the suspect had left.
Our first clue was that the back door was found open when I realized the snacks were missing. The girls went out back and found shoe prints!
They followed then to the swingset where they found a piece of paper with writing so tiny it could only be deciphered with thier trusty detective magnifying glass. They followed that clue to the bathroom where the writing on the next paper was backward! They were forced to hold it up to bathroom mirror in order to read it. It informed them that the suspect was seen hiding a package behind the books downstairs. Sure enough, hidden in the bookshelf in the playroom was a manilla envelope with Top Secret written across the front. It contained a note and a key. The note had step by step instructions: Start at the garage. Take 15 steps forward. Turn right. Take 30 giant steps. Shuffle 10 steps. Tiptoe 25 steps.This led them to our mailbox. The note then instructed them to open a box, but the number of the box was in code! Luckily, the suspect had left the key to the code, so they were able to figure it out.
Inside our mailbox was the treats Morgan had bought to share with her friends :) The girls had such a great time. I forsee many a mystery party in our future as Miles and Elle have already asked when their party is going to be and Morgan already has plans for a second party for herself.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I kissed Miles on the check this morning and he cried out, "Mom, I said no more kisses!" I told him it wasn't a kiss, it was a smooch and asked him if he knew what a smooch was. He said, "Whatever they are, I don't want any!". :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

How to plant a plant, by Morgan:

First, dig a hole. Next, put in the seeds. Then, talk to the plants. Last, play music to them and sing. P.S. Water them and give them sun.