Monday, August 20, 2007

A Weekend Away Together

Matt, being the fantastic husband and father that he is, decided to send Morgan and I to a hotel together for the weekend. We stayed downtown and did a whole lot of nothing the whole weekend. When we got to the room, Morgan ran right to the bed and jumped in under the covers. She looked so tiny!! We watched "Meet the Robinsons" three times, swam in the pool, and basically just hung out. Morgan was simply amazed that people would bring food right up to our room and that we could eat it in bed. She adored the chocolate cake and demanded that we order it the second night, too. I did order it again, and it was divine! So after a weekend away together, we did a lot of bonding and are hopefully closer than we were before. We both had a great time.

Oh, and while I was away, Matt failed at the only task I left him...not letting Miles grow up! The little boy is up on hands and knees now rocking back and forth and trying his best to figure out how to move his legs forward!! And his two bottom teeth have finally broken through. He is all grown up already!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Day at the Park

The girls and I met Grandma, Ava and Owen at Liberty Park last weekend. We went through the Aviary, which was tons of fun. Elle chased away a peacock and spent the next half hour crying because she wanted her "keacock" back! We saw a bird show after lunch. They had a hawk fly in right ove our heads, and to my suprise, Morgan stood up and clapped! Then we took the kids swimming in the water area of the park. There were tons of kids there, but Morgan actually didn't mind. Elle is pretty sure she is actually a fish, and balled when we left. We ended the day on the swings, and all of the kids were asleep in the car before we left the parking lot!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just Another Day

The kids and I went into the garage to play today because it is so windy outside and Miles doesn't like it. The girls rode bikes for a while and then we played with bubbles. Morgan had so much fun trying to catch them and stomp on them and Elle...well, she tried to eat them! Such typical Elle behavior! In her defense, they were apple scented bubbles!
I realized that I haven't written much about Miles, so here is an update on the handsome boy. I just took him to the doctor and he is 25 inches long and weighs 15 lbs. He is starting to sit up a little, but falls to side at the slightest excitement. He loves to watch his sisters play, and always giggles uncontrollably when they jump in front of him. This usually gives him the hicups, which makes the girls laugh, which makes him laugh even harder! They are way cute together.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Park City

We went up to Park City on Saturday to see Nana, Papa, Grandma Mimi and Papa Barry. Matt and Troy rode the zipline and the Alpine Coaster and the girls had fun riding the carousel and playing giant chess. Elle especially liked the knights and kept asking for more horses please! We all had a lot of fun and it was good to see everybody!