Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And it's...a new car!!

Just a quick pic of my new car! Matt picked it up for me last night. I have only had two occasions to drive it so far, but I love it. It is the biggest car I can imagine, and despite Matt's insistence, I refuse to believe that it will fit in a parking space.

3 Years Old

Elle had her third birthday yesterday. (It is hard to think that I am getting that old!!) We are having a big combined birthday party this Saturday with Owen, but we did a little family party the night before her birthday. I took Morgan to the dollar store and let her pick out her own present for Elle. Then when we came back, she helped me hang streamers, tie the balloon to Elle's chair, wrap presents, and decorate the cake all while the other two kids were napping. She is a big helper.
Elle was really excited to wake up to a birthday party! After dinner we opened presents and Elle stuck her tongue out most of the time in deep concentration. Then she blew out her candle and we had cake. It was awesome!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ghost Bunny

Elle has had a slight diaper rash this week and has been adamant about getting the powder for me when change her and then putting it away when we are done. I was just marveling at how good she is to handle the baby powder several times a day and not mess with it. Then, two days ago....

Elle and Morgan decided that indeed it would be fun to play with baby powder. They dumped it on their beds, on the floor, and into the toy box! Elle was white from head to toe. I asked Elle why she did that, and she told me she wanted to be Ghost Bunny! (Ghost Bunny is from Max & Ruby, for those of you who watch cartoons with your kids!!) It took a lot of cleaning, especially because I had to clean every single toy in the toy box, but we eventually got things put back together!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

And Life Goes On...

It has been 3 days since the accident, and we are all still alive. The kids seem a little stiff, but it's nothing that has stopped them from running amok around the house. So they are fine. I am finally starting to feel better. Don't get me wrong, I still hurt pretty badly, but I am not as stiff today, and that is helping. I can't really turn my head very well without it causing sharp pain, so I am not driving around unless I have too.
The insurance finally got back to us and my car is definitely totaled. In fact, the damage is almost twice the dollar amount that my car is valued at! So, now I get to go buy a new car! Matt keeps telling me that I am the most spoiled person he knows...getting a new house and a new car at the same time!!
For those of you who know what happened with Morgan at school, a letter will be sent out within the next week or two to parents district wide. We are going to get to approve the final draft before it goes out. Once that is done, I will feel good again about the school system.
We are so thankful everything turned out ok and are glad that life is getting back to normal. Thank you so much to everyone that has called to check on us and offered to help. We love you all.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Survived

As most of you know by now, Elle, Miles and I were in a car accident yesterday. At noon, the kids and I were headed to pick up Morgan from preschool. About a block away from the school, we were heading through an intersection during a green light when a guy, speeding, ran the red light and broadsided us. He hit my car on the back passenger side. Our car then rolled onto the driver's side and we skidded on the side of the car. The force of the side of the car hitting the pavement forced my side-view mirror through my window, breaking the glass. We skidded through the intersection until my car finally rolled right side up again, landing on its wheels.
Elle and Miles were both extremely scared, but otherwise seem to be unharmed. We took them to their pediatrician a few hours later and they checked out just fine. They are a little cranky today, so I assume they probably have a few aches and pains, though. I had about a million x-rays done at the ER, but have escaped without a single broken bone. The doctor worries about a rotator cuff injury, whiplash, and soft-tissue damage. He recommends I get physical therapy.
We went and looked at the car today and got some pictures. After seeing the damage, it is a miracle we all survived without a single scrape or scratch. The whole driver's side of the car is full of scrapes where we skidded on our side, and we are positive that it totaled my car.
So all in all a really bad day. But I have never felt so blessed. I know that a car accident with the kids in the car is on the top three scariest things that could happen list of every parent. And we all survived, the kids unharmed. So obviously someone is looking out for us.

Oh, and Morgan asked me to please tell everyone that she has a brand new seat belt, and for everyone to please not run into other cars anymore!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Girl of Many...Shirts?!

Ever since Elle finally realized that she can reach her shirts in the closet at any time, she has been dressing herself. Every time I'm not paying close enough attention to her, I will finally notice that she looks little...puffy. I will go over to her to get a closer look and realize that she has on at least 5 shirts! She looks adorable with her stylish layering, but I am getting really tired of doing so much laundry!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

New House!!!

Matt and I are buying a new house! It is right down the street from where we are now, just behind Cafe Rio. We are having them finish one more room in the basement, and then it is ready to move in. I am putting up a link with a couple of pictures of the hosue. It comes fully furnished upstairs, so everything you see in the pictures will be ours! We will close October 15th. We are so excited!!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Shirts!!

I got the kids some new shirts at Walmart last night. Elle's has Walle and Morgan's has Eva. Miles just got a generic shirt. But I thought they all looked so cute this morning that I wanted to post some pictures!!

First Day of School

Morgan had her first day of preschool yesterday. It was an open house, so Matt got to go with her. She was so excited to have Daddy with her at school. She looked so grown up, my heart ached a little. Elle cried so hard when Morgan left...she wants so bad to go to school too!! Matt said Morgan was pretty shy for the first 45 minutes, but once she warmed up, she was talking to the other kids and playing. She even brought home an art project!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hairstyles & Magazines

I have been looking at blogs about different hairstyles for little girls and decided to try one the other day. It wasn't the best job I have ever seen, but it was a start! Morgan was pretty sure she had a princess hairstyle that day!

Later that day, Morgan came running downstairs and told me ,"Mommy! You have to come see this!" She grabbed my hand and ran me upstairs to her room. She had taken every toy out of her toy box and closet and displayed them around the room. They were lined up on toy boxes and shelves and beds. I asked what it was, and she told me she had made magazines! I don't think she really knows what a magazine is, but it was really cute!