Sunday, December 14, 2008

Morgan's making a list

Morgan is making her Christmas list for Santa. She wrote down that she wants a bear purse, a princess doll, a princess tea party, and toys. Then she realized that there were a lot of lines left on the paper to write things on. She couldn't think of anything else she wanted, so she decided to write down what other people want. So if you can't decide what you want for Christmas, here you go:
Uncle Seth would like a new gate for his yard.
Aunt Emily would like a ballerina toy.
Uncle Peter would like a checklist, just like the one Morgan was writing!
Grandpa would like a new Batman toothbrush.
Uncle Joe would like a Superman toy for his brother.

Mind you, I did not help her with this at all. I did not give her names or ideas or anything. Adorable.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cute kids

Here are just some cute pics of the kids I took a couple of weeks ago. Thought they were fun.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread & Candy

Friday the kids were having a rough day. We were supposed to have friends come and play, so we got all ready first thing in the morning and cleaned the house. Then the friends' mom called to say they couldn't come, and I was left with 3 broken little hearts. So I decided it was time to make the gingerbread house from the kit I had bought at Smith's a couple of days before.
Elle wanted to put every single piece of candy on the house herself, Miles wanted to eat every single piece of candy himself, and Morgan was adamant about the house looking exactly like the house in the picture. I also gave them each a single cookie to decorate while the frosting holding the house together set for 10 minutes. Morgan got a Christmas tree, Elle got a gingerbread girl, and Miles got a snowman. Elle decorated hers and ate it at the same time. Miles would put a candy on and immediately take it off again to eat it; then he ate his entire cookie in two ginormous bites. Morgan spent the entire 10 minutes making sure her tree was decorated exactly like the picture. Quite a few tears were shed, mostly by Miles when I told him he had had enough candy, but all in all I think it was a fun holiday activity!

I Pledge Allegiance...

Matt and I were asking Morgan about school the other day, if she had fun, who were her friends, was she a helper that day. She said yes, she was a helper, she was the flag holder. I asked her what the flag holder does, and she told me they hold the flag while the class says the Pledge of Allegiance. Now Morgan's preschool starts 10 minutes later than the rest of the school, so I know the Pledge is said during the morning announcements before Morgan even goes inside. I just assumed that their class didn't do the Pledge because the rest of the school does it before Morgan's class starts. But apparently they do it every day and she knows it by heart! I had no idea!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fam Photos

My mom bought us a photo session as an early Christmas. We got our pics taken two weeks ago, and I got the pictures back today so I wanted to post some. It was so hard to choose my favorites, they all look so good, but here are a few for you to oogle at! I will put more up on myspace, so look for them there if you are dying to see more.

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