Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 Years Old

Elle had her third birthday yesterday. (It is hard to think that I am getting that old!!) We are having a big combined birthday party this Saturday with Owen, but we did a little family party the night before her birthday. I took Morgan to the dollar store and let her pick out her own present for Elle. Then when we came back, she helped me hang streamers, tie the balloon to Elle's chair, wrap presents, and decorate the cake all while the other two kids were napping. She is a big helper.
Elle was really excited to wake up to a birthday party! After dinner we opened presents and Elle stuck her tongue out most of the time in deep concentration. Then she blew out her candle and we had cake. It was awesome!

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Kristi said...

I am such a bad Aunt!!! I am sooooo sorry!!! Happy belated birthday Elle! I was thinking of you - I was just thinking of your party on Saturday. I will make it up - Love you!