Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Poor Little Girl

For those of you who we haven't talked to yet, or we have and you just want an update, Morgan was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday. Thursday night at around 5pm I noticed that she had a fever. Then at 6pm she threw up all over the lovesac...not fun to clean, by the way. She continued to throw up and run a fever varying from 101 to over 105 degrees. She has always run such high fevers, even as an infant. That night she held her chest and complained that it hurt. She had tears running down her face and asking me, "Please Mommy, make it stop." I have never been so heartbroken in all my life. I called the on-call doctor who tried her best to assure me it was probably just heartburn from her throwing up so much. So I forced some Tylenol down and Matt and I took turns throughout the night getting up to comfort her.
By morning, she was no better. She still had a 105 fever and was still throwing up. I tried calling the doctor's office for an opinion, but the nurses apparently all take lunch at the same time and would not be back for another hour. I said I would call back. Then I went to check on Morgan and noticed that her breathing was getting faster. She seemed to be taking short, quick shallow breaths and her heart seemed to be racing. I called the doctor right back and made an appointment. Matt took her in one hour later.
They listened to her heart and lungs and took a chest x-ray. The doctor said it was the worst case of pneumonia he had seen this year. They have her two shots of antibiotics and because her oxygen levels were still ok, sent her home.
She woke up this morning and seemed tons better than yesterday. Her fever was gone and she was not throwing up. She seemed quite lethargic still, though. We took her in for a follow-up visit, but had to see a different doctor. He said he agrees that it is a bad case and shares Dr. Duffy's concern for Morgan. He gave her another shot of antibiotics. He also looked at the x-ray on the computer and said she might have a small puss-pocket in her lungs. It is kind of a rare thing, but apparently it can difficult for the antibiotics to penetrate it and in rare cases they have to drain it with a needle. So we are praying that doesn't have to happen. We are going back to Dr. Duffy on Monday for another x-ray, not so much to see if she is getting better, but to make sure she is not getting worse. We will keep everybody updated.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Her First Book

Matt and I were talking about saving a game the other day, and Morgan looks up at us and says, "I know how to spell save...s-a-v!" We were astounded that she had put the sound together all by herself. So after I got out of the gym yesterday I stopped in at Barnes and Noble. I found the same two books that I had read when I was little so I bought them for Morgan. Today, we laid in her bed together and Morgan sounded out and read almost every single word all by herself. It had not even occurred to me that she would be able to read even the smallest of words and here she is reading a whole book. We are so proud of our girl who is growing up way too fast for us.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Heart You

Today at school Morgan is going to pass out Valentine's Day cards. Every holiday she comes home with several bags of candy and I wonder why other parents think my kid needs that much sugar. This year Kristi came up with a new idea for us to do for the kids' classes on Valentine's. She came over a week or so ago and we melted crayons in heart shaped molds and then let them harden again. This is the result:
Then I inserted Word Art into a Power Point presentation and made a little circle saying to present the crayons on. All in all, I think they turned out awesome!

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Room of His Own

I know Miles doesn't care, but since we've moved in I have felt like I just put him in the first available room and gave him some minimal furniture. Morgan and Elle's room always felt so put together, I felt bad for my little boy. So, thanks to a wonderful suggestion from Kristi, I met my mom at IKEA last night and got some more "stuff" for Miles' room. Thanks to that and a new dresser I ordered off of Walmart, I finally feel like Miles has a real room. I know it still looks a little bare in these pictures, but trust me, it looks awesome in real life.