Saturday, July 28, 2007

The best part of the toy is the box it came in

I ordered the girls a little farm online. It has four people, cats, mice, pigs, a wheelbarrow, and everything else needed for hours of fun (and maybe a little break for Mom!). The girls played with it for maybe 20 minutes before they discovered the box it had arrived in. The both jumped right in and played hide ans seek from Mommy. Then Morgan grabbed her mop and Elle grabbed Bullseye and the each used their "oars" to paddle their boat while they fished! Next time I will just spend the $5 for the box instead of paying for the toy!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hogle Zoo

The kids and I went to the zoo today. I tried to get there early so we would hopefully get done before it got too hot, but it was too hot when we got there! I found out that a stroller with three kids in it is a lot heavier than one would think. And whoever designed all of the hills at the zoo obviously did not have children. It was terribly hard work pushing the stroller uphill, but when we went downhill the stroller was so heavy, I had to lean back so we didn't just fly right down!

The kids had a lot of fun, though. Miles was such a good boy and slept almost the entire time. Elle was pretty mad she couldn't just go on the other side of the cages to play with the animals...especially the monkeys! Morgan was really excited to see "real life giraffes" but tells me her favorite animal was the turtle...just like her daddy!!!My favorite part was that once the car cooled down, all three kids slept the whole way home and I got 20 minutes of piece and quiet!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun With GrandParents

Nana and Papa just left back home. We had tons of fun. Nana bought Morgan a stick horse and Elle a Mickey Mouse doll. They haven't stopped playing with them since. The horse is named Bullseye...after Woody's horse in Toy Story 2. That is the favorite movie of the month. They watch it 2-4 times daily. I don't really mind because it is giving me plenty of time to keep up on my housework!

Morgan keeps asking to go to dance class, so I have been checking into that. I think she will be scared at first, but will love it by the third class. And Miles is just moving all over the place. Whenever I go to get him from a nap he is on the opposite side of the crib. If he has been awake for a while, he will even be on his tummy pushing up with his arms and I can see his little eyes peering out the crib for me!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Joe was in town and came over to our house yesterday. He brought a book that Emily had made filled with their pictures from Europe. It was gorgeous. He suggested we start a blog online to put up all of our pictures of the kids - you know I take a million! - and share all of those little stories most of you never get to hear. So here it is. I am hoping to get downstairs at least once or twice a week to add a posting, but with three kids 3 years old and under, it will not be my easiest task of the day.