Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Little tidbits

No new pictures, but some little stories I haven't had time to write down. The other day, the kids and I were watching this show called "Super Readers" and they were spelling the word "slide." This is an S, and then an L came up and they said where is L? Elle jumped up right off of the couch and yelled, "That's me!!" And she ran around in circles yelling "That's me! I'm Elle!" She was so excited that she was on her favorite TV show!

Morgan did so much better at school yesterday. I sent a picture of me and Miles with her school and every time she started to cry, the teacher got out the photo and let her look at it. She did so much better. I think she is finally starting to like it. Also, she started dance class this afternoon! She was really scared, so she sat along the wall and watched the whole class. Elle was crying because I was trying to make her sit with me, so the teacher finally told her to come up and dance. She was so excited!!! So at the end, Morgan just balled because she wanted to dance. The teacher said we could stay after and go to the next one that was right after it. Morgan danced the whole time...and Elle, too, again! I couldn't believe how well she did with the other kids! This will be so good for her!

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