Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elle's many adventures

As you know, Elle will be turning 2 years old on Saturday. The funny thing is, she is so busy being busy that she hasn't really hit the "terrible 2's" yet. She has been going with Morgan to dance class and dancing her little heart out. You have never seen a little kid with so much energy having so much fun! I went out and bought Morgan a little ballerina tutu and tights and shoes and she picked out the most frilly pink girly outfit they had! Of course, I couldn't come home with an outfit for Morgan and not one for Elle, so she now has a little tutu and tights too!

We went over to Charise's house the other day, and a package arrived with Owen's Halloween costume - Buzz Lightyear. Owen was a little scared to put it on, so Elle tried on the costume! She looked adorable! She went around saying, "To infinity, and beyond!" When I show her the picture, she doesn't tell me it's Elle, she tells me it's Buzz Lightyear!

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Lisa said...

What a little doll-baby! I am loving her little tu-tu! Her personality is so guys will have so many interesting stories to tell about Elle as she grows up. That Buzz Lightyear outfit is a crack-up...leave it to Elle to try on first ; )

Give hugs all around,