Monday, September 24, 2007

Big and Brave

Every day when I drop Morgan off at school we talk about how she is going to be "big and brave." If she cries when we get there I remind her how she is big and brave and she stops crying so hard. Today, I walked her inside and helped her pick out a book and sat her on the rug. She got a really stern look on her face and pointed toward the door. When I asked her what she wanted, she simply said, "Leave." I have never been so proud to be kicked out of somewhere! It just makes me smile that she wants to be at preschool by herself and is having fun!

Also, Elle is crying harder each time we leave Morgan at school. It is not necessarily that Elle wants to be with Morgan, it is more that she wants to stay at school! She is smarter than some of the kids in the class, but obviously not emotionally or socially ready for school! But when Morgan gets home and shows me how she is learning to write letters and numbers and draw shapes, Elle is sitting across from her doing everything her big sister does. She is singing the ABC's all day long, so I am putting up a video of is so cute! You only really understand what she is saying because you know the song. When she gets to the end, she sings dugga-you, S, W, and Z! It is really cute!


nana said...

She is just the cutest (almost) 2 year old!! What a ham in front of the camera too. Good job Elle for singing the ABC's!!!

Lisa said...

Love the song...and the flowers in the hair! What's with the hands hitting each other!? She's such a cutie ;)