Sunday, September 27, 2009

Elle's 4th Birthday

On Saturday, we had Elle's 4th birthday party. She wanted to have a tea party with all the girl cousins and friends. All the girlies were dressed up in their finest tea-party dresses. I had been buying things at the DI and dollar store for a month, so the decorations turned out really cute. We had pretend rose petals scattered over the table cloth and fresh flowers as our centerpiece. Each girl had her own (real) tea cup and saucer.They got to choose from pink lemonade or pink hot chocolate (Fancy Nancy brand bought off Amazon!) There were tiny cucumber sandwiches, peanut butter sandwiches, and fruit and cheese kabobs. While the girls seemed more interested in the "tea", Miles probably ate 8-10 peanut butter sandwiches. I think he was feeling a little left out that he was the only boy, and found comfort in food. After tea time, the girls all sat around the coffee table. I gave one girl a little present and while music played it was passed around the circle until the music stopped. Whoever was holding the present got to open it. We did this until every girl got a present. Then we played the princess tea party version of pin the tail on the donkey, called Kiss the Frog. It was really cute!

Finally, the adults ate cake and the girlies ate mini cupcakes. (And yes, I made them myself! I stayed up until just after midnight the night before. It was seriously fun for me!)
Elle then opended her presents and we called it a day. Thank you so much, everyone, for coming to the party and for all the presents! Elle is ecstatic with everything and can't decide what she wants to play with first.


The Bunnell's said...

What a fantastic idea! You are such a creative and great mom! Seh is such a doll. The cake look great! Happy Birthday Elle ;)

Stacie said...

I am smiling from ear to ear reading this post! What amazing ideas!!! Did you find all those adorable tea pieces at those stores?
I can't say enough about what a great job you did. I'm writing all this down so I can use it for Madison!

The Fleming Family said...

It turned out great and so cute! Emma had a blast!

Lisa said...

How cute!!! Everything looks like it turned out perfectly! The cake and cupcakes are beautiful! Taylor had such a fun time with her cousins! She's now been counting down the weeks until she gets to see them again at Halloween! Great job Nicole : )