Monday, December 8, 2008

I Pledge Allegiance...

Matt and I were asking Morgan about school the other day, if she had fun, who were her friends, was she a helper that day. She said yes, she was a helper, she was the flag holder. I asked her what the flag holder does, and she told me they hold the flag while the class says the Pledge of Allegiance. Now Morgan's preschool starts 10 minutes later than the rest of the school, so I know the Pledge is said during the morning announcements before Morgan even goes inside. I just assumed that their class didn't do the Pledge because the rest of the school does it before Morgan's class starts. But apparently they do it every day and she knows it by heart! I had no idea!!

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Anonymous said...

Yay Morgan!!! What a smart girl!
Hugs & kisses,
Nana & Papa