Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread & Candy

Friday the kids were having a rough day. We were supposed to have friends come and play, so we got all ready first thing in the morning and cleaned the house. Then the friends' mom called to say they couldn't come, and I was left with 3 broken little hearts. So I decided it was time to make the gingerbread house from the kit I had bought at Smith's a couple of days before.
Elle wanted to put every single piece of candy on the house herself, Miles wanted to eat every single piece of candy himself, and Morgan was adamant about the house looking exactly like the house in the picture. I also gave them each a single cookie to decorate while the frosting holding the house together set for 10 minutes. Morgan got a Christmas tree, Elle got a gingerbread girl, and Miles got a snowman. Elle decorated hers and ate it at the same time. Miles would put a candy on and immediately take it off again to eat it; then he ate his entire cookie in two ginormous bites. Morgan spent the entire 10 minutes making sure her tree was decorated exactly like the picture. Quite a few tears were shed, mostly by Miles when I told him he had had enough candy, but all in all I think it was a fun holiday activity!


emily said...

impressively cute, for having so many sweet hands involved in the process!!! Yay for traditions that are edible! :)

Stacie said...

Miles, your picture made me laugh out loud!

How's the new house? Feel moved in yet?

Kristi said...

Very cute gingerbread house! Your kids did a great job. And way to go Morgan on the Pledge! Awesome!

The Bunnell's said...

What a great mom you are and very patient! Morgan I think the house and your Christmas tree look exactly like the pictures on the box. Good Job!