Monday, December 1, 2008

Fam Photos

My mom bought us a photo session as an early Christmas. We got our pics taken two weeks ago, and I got the pictures back today so I wanted to post some. It was so hard to choose my favorites, they all look so good, but here are a few for you to oogle at! I will put more up on myspace, so look for them there if you are dying to see more.

© Melissa Seamons 2008


charise said...

Gorgeous pics! Dont forget to work on your Christmas card!!

The Bunnell's said...

What a beautiful family. I love the pictures! Elle is such a funny girl, she always has the cutest facial expressions!

jen1313 said...

Great pictures. Love the kids' pics. They turned out wonderful.

Kristi said...

You got some great pics! I really like the ones of you and Matt together. Beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous family!! Everyone's personality shines through - what a cute bunch!