Friday, January 4, 2008

A new look for a new year

We had a bunch of people over for a game night on New Year's Eve. Included was Charise, Ty, Ava and Owen. Ava had brought over her new make-up that she had gotten for Christmas. The girls took it up to Morgan's bathroom and then we heard Morgan giggling harder than I have ever heard. I grabbed the camera and quietly went upstairs. I was not prepared for what I walked in on. Morgan and Ava looked beautiful with their make-up on. It looked pretty good, so I am assuming that Ava did Morgan's for her. Elle on the other hand, decided that she could do her own make-up. It was so funny, none of us could stop laughing for a while!


charise said...

Here's my first comment for you since you never get them!! Love the makeup, Ava gets her techniques from me!

emily said...

I don't come by your blog often enough!! That's gonna change. This was so cute and funny... I love the way you view/handle your life. It's a great example to me.

Lisa said...

I think I did Matt's make-up just like this when we were little!