Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cuter Every Day

All three of the kids have been especially funny lately. In fact, they all seem to have grown up while I was wasn't looking. They are all a bit defiant, too, but luckily for them, they are also doing some really cute things.

We have been getting quite a bit of snow lately. After playing outside for what seemed like an eternity, Matt and I brought our frozen girls back inside. Elle's pants were soaked from falling in the snow, so after I took off her wet clothing, she was left in just a shirt and diaper. She demanded to go back outside in the snow and I told her no, she couldn't go out in just a shirt and diaper; she would freeze her buns off! So she proceeded to gather random articles of clothing from around the house. After she had dressed herself, she came to show me that she was now ready to go back out to play in the snow.

Morgan is a Sunbeam now. She was so nervous to go all by herself, but she stayed the whole time and did a great job. I peaked in the primary room just in time to see the whole Sunbeam class get up in front of the junior primary and sing Popcorn Popping. It was beyond adorable. I have been trying to teach her more primary songs so she will feel more comfortable during singing time. This morning she asked me to sing "That Child of God Song" to her. I started and she promptly stopped me and told me that I was singing the wrong one. When I asked her what one she wanted me to sing, she bent down a bit and patted her legs and said, "The one about my knees being great!" I laughed so hard! (For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, the second verse says, "and so my needs are great). Also, her new phrase...instead of anything being "easy," it is now "easy, peasy, rice and cheesy!"

Not to be forgotten, Miles is growing up way too fast. He is only a couple of pounds lighter that Elle now, and is starting to fit into a couple of 12 months clothes already. This is quite a change from my first two kids! He still likes me to chase him around, especially up the stairs. He is getting really fast and if I turn my attention away from him for more than 10 seconds, when I turn around, he is already up to the top of the stairs. Luckily, if he wants down, he cries for me instead of trying to go down himself. I also think he knows how to sign ball. He doesn't really know what it means, but he sort of claps his hands and says Bah, bah. Then he laughs, so I am pretty sure that is what he is doing!

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Anonymous said...

Elle is such a funny kid - you can almost see the wheels turning when she's thinking of how to outsmart you guys! Morgan is too adorable for words - good for her being a brave sunbeam! And Miles is going to be such a fun boy - he just laughs all the time, what a sweetheart.
I miss you guys!!
Love Nana