Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter updates

I feel like it has been forever since I have posted anything, even though it has only been a little over a week. I got Morgan's school picture, shown on left, and I love it! Her whole personality is shown in her face. She tells me she looks like a princess in it. It's funny that she even gets school pictures in preschool!

Morgan has been dressing up like a princess every single chance she gets. It is funny how quickly she went from tom-boy to super girly. She gets on a princess dress, wings, shoes, a crown, as many necklaces as she can locate, and of course, a magic wand. Elle follows suit, not because she necessarily wants to be a princess, but because Morgan does. What's hilarious is that Morgan can get dressed up so fast. I will be looking at her then turn around for only a moment to see what Elle is saying to me and by the time I turn around, Morgan has managed to dress herself in full princess attire!

I also went and got Elle's and Miles' pictures done. They will be ready the 22nd of this month and I will scan them in and post them when I get them. Afterwards the girls and I and Nana and Papa went to get some lunch in the mall and ran into Santa! What a coincidence to find him this time of year with a moment to spare to take a picture with our kids! Miles was not the happiest little boy in the world! He asked Elle what she wanted for Christmas and all she could come up with was a "Christmas present." Before he could even finish his question to Morgan she piped up with "a princess dress." Elle heard this and looked right up at Santa and said she wanted a princess dress too! It was really cute.

That night we all took the kids to temple square to see the lights. Morgan took her first look at the temple and proclaimed that it was the most beautiful castle she had ever seen! Then we saw a bride by the temple getting her wedding pictures taken, and Morgan cried out, "And look at that princess! Isn't she beautiful?!" It was the cutest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Morgan was able to see a real live princess in front of her beautiful castle. It was a fantastic night!


Kristi said...

I think your Santa picture turned out great! I have seen some where kids are freaking out waaayy worse than Miles is. This is actually a really good pic. Love it!

J.Ammon said...

I like how Miles is a 1/2 second away from blowing up. Great timing award to the photo elf.