Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow days

While Miles was taking a nap on Sunday, Matt and I decided it was well over due to take the girls out to play in the snow. Now I am a wuss when it comes to the cold, so Matt did most of the playing. He helped the girls build two snowmen, one little one and one the size of Morgan. Morgan really wanted to give the snowman a hat, but I didn't have any that I didn't care if someone stole it off of our snowman. I finally convinced her that the snowman needed hair instead of a hat, so I went and got the only thing in our house I could find that was suitable for snowman hair...broccoli. The girls thought it was pretty funny.

Matt also had a big snowball fight with the girls. Thanks to my spectacular skill as a photographer, I was able to capture this battle with snowballs in mid-air. I know, that is a fantastic feat! Anyway, every time Morgan tried to throw a snowball back at Matt, he would scoot in really close so she could hit him with it, she would pull her hand back behind her to get some power behind her throw, and then she would let go of the snowball way to soon and it would land right on her head...every single time! It was great! Everyone had a lot of fun!

Then I decided that everyone had had enough snow time and we all went in and had a cup of hot chocolate with teeny tiny marshmallows. Our little eskimos were pretty reluctant to take off their mittens and coats, but eventually we got them undressed and down for a nap.

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