Monday, October 15, 2007

Still cute, even when they're sick

All three of the kids were sick this weekend with the flu. Not the best weekend I've ever had! Morgan got it last. I slept on the couch with her and she was up from 2am until 6am throwing up. Daddy, Elle and Miles came down about 6:30. When Morgan saw Elle, she called her over and said, "Elle, I am sick. Do you want to get the doctor tools to make me feel better?" So Matt brought down the doctor tools and Dr. Elle had Morgan feeling better in no time!

Matt was teaching Elle how to say her full name. Her first attempt came out "Elle MacMurhpy." This is funny because that is what my dad's family thought my last name was forever! The second attempt is my favorite, "Elle MacMuffin." Now if I could change her name to that, believe me I would. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard! She is really close now and will tell you her name is Elle MacMerson. Also, Miles is getting all four top teeth at one time and is starting to pull himself up to standing. He thinks he is so big. I keep trying to tell him not to grow up so fast, but I don't think he is listening to me. He sees how much fun his sisters have together and just can't wait to join in!


Anonymous said...

My vote is for Elle Mcmuffin also. I love it!

I am sure that Miles thinks he has to keep up with his sisters. Watch out mom!

Lisa said...

I would have been so popular growing up with the name Lisa Macmuffin! I feel so bad all the kids got sick and am hoping the parents don't end up with it too! Leave it to Elle to doctor Morgan up...those two have the cutest little bond.

Anonymous said...

Elle makes such a cute doctor!! Good for Morgan that her sister is such a good helper. I also vote for Elle MacMuffin - precious!!

emily said...

um, that hair is SOOO cute! (miles, I mean.) and I like the Mc Muffin thing too.

Anonymous said...

Dolly, your kids are darling! I love them sooo much. I think Dr Mcmuffin needs to come to my house! I think you should all change your last name to that! love Aunt Fanny!