Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween party

The Halloween party was fantastic! I think everyone had a lot of fun. All of the food was spooky, like monster apples with slivered almond teeth, fruit salad in oranges carved out like jack-o-lanterns, pasta snails, and wicked witch ice cream for desert. I think the kids' favorite part was the gummy worms I froze into the ice cubes for the punch! It was so much fun, I think it will have to become a tradition!
Morgan has been learning The Five Little Pumpkin song at school, so here it is!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great little song. Morgan, you sing beautiful. I want you to teach that song to Grama.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that song! Morgan you sing so beautiful!! I love the other song you put on here too, the one about the days of the week. You are sooo smart! Love You! Aunt Fanny

Anonymous said...

Dolly----I heard your party was a great success! You are the best little mom! It sounds like you really planned it well. I'm going to have to tell my girls about it.
love ya!!!

Lisa said...

Morgan is such a cutie!!! And that seemed like a lot to remember without Mommy's help! Great job sweetie!