Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ballerina Princess

Morgan insisted on wearing a crown today to dance class. She has named herself Princess Mar and given Elle the name Ballerina R. I was so proud of Morgan today at class. She ran out there the second the teacher called for everybody and did everything the teacher told them to do. She had so much fun! They are learning a little routine and will be having a little recital on November 13th at 6:30...everyone is welcome to come!! I am posting a video of their routine since I am sure none of the kids will remember it in front of all those people! I am so proud that Morgan is getting more self-confident and having fun with other kids! Miles helped me film, so forgive if it is bouncy or crooked or whatever!

On another note, while everyone was up here for Matt's birthday party I was able to leave Elle and Miles home and go with Morgan to preschool. I got to watch how much she participates and sings and plays with other kids. When they were sitting in a circle on the rug and asking the kids questions, Morgan was always the first one to answer, and she usually had a story to go along with it! She is such a smart girl and not at all afraid to speak up in front of so many other kids! The teacher told me later on that she is the smartest girl in the class! She didn't really like me being there, though! When we got there, she told me,"Mom, when I get inside, you need to go home!" She was mad that I stayed and got mad at me every time I went near her! I can't even imagine how outgoing she is when I am not there!

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Lisa said...

She is so smart and funny and cute...you will have to be careful with that one! I am so proud of her dancing with everyone! Make sure you get video of her recital...can't wait to see!!

*hugs & kisses*
aunt Lisa