Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We have been so busy playing with all the toys Santa and family brought us, I haven't had time to post our holiday fun yet. So here it is.

On Christmas Eve, we had Grama, Charise, Ty, Ava and Owen over for dinner. For once, I didn't accidentally freeze the ham, so it turned out wonderfully and on time. Even my mustard ring turned out. Shortly after dinner the Christmas Elf knocked on our door and ran away with amazing speed, as we were unable to catch even a glimpse of him. But he did remember to leave a present for each of the kiddies. And wouldn't you just know it, they all got new jammies! After putting on their new jams, the kids all went downstairs and played MONSTER with Dad/Uncle Matt. Then it was time for bed. Charise and fam went home, but Grama slept on our couch.

Matt heard Elle at like 5am and got up to tell her she couldn't get out bed yet. He couldn't sleep after that, so when he woke me up at 6 he was fully dressed. He said Elle couldn't wait anymore, and Morgan was starting to stir. So we woke up Grama and Miles and all ran as fast as we could to the Christmas tree.

I think it's funny to look back on your childhood and remember how excited you got about what presents you were going to get. Now, I don't think I give a single thought as to whether or not I am getting any presents. I do, however, lose sleep with the excitement of how much the kids will love all of their presents. The expressions on their faces and the things they say is what I look forward to for months. Also, this year I spent countless hours making presents for each kid to make up for the economy. I even sliced up my thumb in the process, which still hasn't completely healed.

Miles' favorite presents were his new Woody and Buzz. They sleep in his bed every night and run every errand with us. He flies around the house in his new super cape and plays a lot in the playroom alternating between his new basketball hoop and his "sock-it rock-it robots," as he calls them.

Elle wears her new princess dress every single day. She also carts around her barbie, who has a matching dress. I keep finding Polly Pocket in different rooms throughout the house, despite picking it up every time I see it. She also got a fur-real puppy who spends most of her time sleeping in Elle's bed. Whenever Elle is supposed to be cleaning her room or taking a nap, I can always hear her playing games on her laptop instead.
Morgan has already used her new knitting machine to knit a scarf for Bear Purse. She rides her scooter on the one strip of tile in the house and is counting the days until the snow melts and she can take it outside. Her barbies drive around in their new car wearing a new princess dress that matches the one she got. We also read her new books together every night.
Matt and I are spending the loads of money everyone was so nice to give us. We already bought two new board games that are fun with just 2 people, so now we can have a fun date night right at home. We are also looking forward to turning in our babysitting coupons with Grama and going to Cheesecake Factory and the movies!

Thank you, Grama, for spending Christmas with us. It makes such a difference to me to spend the holiday with family. Thank you for all the gifts, everyone. We sincerely appreciate each and every one. Hope your holidays were as wonderful as ours was!!


The Bunnell's said...

How fun! It looks like you had a great Christmas. I love that Morgan knitted a scarf for bear purse- so cute. The Princess dresses look familar :) I think that they are just like the one that Grama Fanny made Madi. I am glad that your mom got to spend it with you. Yes, it is so nice to share it with family.

The Fleming Family said...

So much fun! Your kiddos look like they had a blast. What fun memories!

Stacie said...

I LOVE the family picture! Glad you guys had such a great Christmas, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

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