Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Candlelight Christmas

Last night we took the kids to This is the Place for Candlelight Christmas. As soon as we got there we hopped on the train and went to see Father Christmas. We call him Santa, but This is the Place is all about old school. So we got a picture of the kids with Father Christmas and they told him what they wanted for Christmas. He gave each of us a candy cane.
When we left that house they had two live reindeer outside. The kids had been so excited all week to see live reindeer, but didn't have much of a reaction at all when we finally got to see them. I thought they were pretty awesome, though.

After that we took the train back to the entrance. Elle and Matt we both too cold to do anything else, so they went and warmed up in the car. My feet were so cold I was in pain, so I was quite jealous. But Morgan and Miles weren't done yet, so we kept going. We went into a couple of the houses and did some crafts and saw a puppet show. It was a really great family night out.

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Stacie said...

What an awesome family night! And how very sacrificing for you to stick it out while Matt goes to the warm car.

Come to think of it, I think Matt has always been cold...ALWAYS!!

I love the beautiful pic of you with your babies!