Friday, August 28, 2009

Crafty Again

I used to feel like I was super crafty, until I started reading everyone else's blogs. There are so many women out there who makes things I could never even dream of making. It actually put me in a craft slump. But with Morgan back to school, I have had extra time on my hands and needed to keep busy. So I decided to get crafty again. Nevermind comparing myself to everyone else. All of my crafts are for my kids, and they don't know if I don't do the best job.
I noticed the other day that Miles still has a dinosaur frame I made for his nursery when he was born. So I put the finishing touches on his new frame today.

My kids are really into file folder games, ever since I made some from the book "File Folder Fun." The bear one I actually found online, but the underwater one I made on Power Point all from clipart. The mermaid, treasure chest and most of the animals are on velcro so they can all be moved around. My kids spend hours playing with these.


Kristi said...

I have always thought you were crafty - remember those really cute hairclips you made just a few months ago, Elle's Wall-E costume???? Your stuff always turns out cute!

The Bunnell's said...

I agree with Kristi- you are super crafty. Much more thatn I am. I love the picture frame-way cute.Good Job!

charise said...

Cute crafty stuff! Will you make me some?

The Fleming Family said...

You never cease to amaze me. You don't give yourself enuf credit for how creative you are. You are your mother's daughter!