Friday, August 29, 2008

Disaster Girl Strikes Again

So Elle's villainous evil streak continues. This time she has incorporated an evil intern sidekick. Her latest evil plot is to sneak Miles into the bathroom while no one is looking. Then they take turns tearing off toilet paper and dipping it into the toilet water. The strips are then laid on top of Miles head. By the time my superhero senses come into play and I realize something is amiss, Miles is usually soaked from the waste up with toilet water (clean, mind you, but still disgusting!) is dripping all over his face.
Will Disaster Girl ever be stopped? Is there any force on this Earth that can stand up to such an evil mastermind? Only time will tell.


jen1313 said...

Eeeeeewwwwwweee! I guess it is clean, but I'm afraid I would have to bathe my children every time they did that just to make sure. Good luck defeating Disaster Girl!

Kristi said...

The things you have to deal with... I am lucky so far with Linc that we haven't had any issues with the toilet, but who knows if our luck will continue. Oh, and poor Miles!!!

Lou & Angela Harris Family said...

I can't believe my kids haven't tried that one! I'm so sorry! They do have an obsession with toilet paper and water. Drives me nuts! Good luck surviving such a creative little monster!! :)