Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Attempted Park Run

The kids were bugging me all morning to go play outside. I was trying really hard to get the house clean because I have a babysitter coming tomorrow. After a while, I decided it might not be so bad to attempt to run to the park for a little bit. So right after lunch we got our shoes on and walked over to the park. The girls ran a little ahead of me, and Miles kicked and screamed the whole way there. He really wanted to run with the girls, but he refuses to hold my hand and insists on running into the street at every opportunity. So we finally get there, and the family playing there has their two pit bulls tied up at the bottom of the stairs on the playground. Was I going to let my kids run around by two unknown dogs? Absolutely not. I said quite loudly that they could not play on the playground while two dogs we didn't know were tied up there, and I know the family heard me, but they made no movement at all to take the dogs away. So I made the kids settle for running in the field. They were not extremely happy with me, but they know enough to take what they can get. So the girls raced each other back and forth across the field, and Miles spent the whole time trying to run away from me! The good news is they were all asleep within 5 minutes of getting home, which makes it worth all the trouble in the world to me!!

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Lisa said...

You gotta love that extra bonus of instant sleep after running around in the hot sun huh? I love that shot of Miles...he looks like he's trying to run as fast as his little legs will take him!