Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Same old

Nothing new happening. We just get up every morning, play toys all day long, clean the house repeatedly, and go to bed. Morgan is a total smarty pants. She likes to point out every shape she sees and tell me how many sides it has. She tells me I need to take her to a stop sign so she can count how many sides an octagon has. Her favorite thing right now, though, is making shadow puppets...and telling Elle how she is doing it wrong! Her favorite shadow animals are ducks and rabbits.
Elle is super independent and has to do everything herself, including jumping off curbs onto the concrete without anyone helping her. She gets so mad when I try to hold the back of her shirt so I can catch her if she falls. If she catches me doing that, she has to start over from the beginning. I am always sure to know the route to the nearest hospital...just in case she ends up face planting onto the road. Her favorite thing in the whole wide world right now? Daddy. Her favorite thing to do with Daddycakes? Mokimo kisses, something the rest of you might know as Eskimo kisses, but that is how Elle pronounces it. She is beyond adorable.

As for Miles, he is a mess! He is the cutest little boy you've ever seen, though. He screams when he wakes up from naps, but the second he sees me walk in to get him, he starts laughing at ever single thing. He has also learned to climb stairs. Not my favorite thing in the world. The second I turn my back that is the first thing he heads for. It wouldn't really be that bad, except that he is constantly stopping after every stair and looking behind him to make sure I am chasing him. He is starting to babble "dada" but he does it with his tongue sticking out so it comes out "baba" instead.

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