Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hogle Zoo

The kids and I went to the zoo today. I tried to get there early so we would hopefully get done before it got too hot, but it was too hot when we got there! I found out that a stroller with three kids in it is a lot heavier than one would think. And whoever designed all of the hills at the zoo obviously did not have children. It was terribly hard work pushing the stroller uphill, but when we went downhill the stroller was so heavy, I had to lean back so we didn't just fly right down!

The kids had a lot of fun, though. Miles was such a good boy and slept almost the entire time. Elle was pretty mad she couldn't just go on the other side of the cages to play with the animals...especially the monkeys! Morgan was really excited to see "real life giraffes" but tells me her favorite animal was the turtle...just like her daddy!!!My favorite part was that once the car cooled down, all three kids slept the whole way home and I got 20 minutes of piece and quiet!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like it was fun but tiring! Too bad we didn't go when it rained, would have been a little cooler.