Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fun With GrandParents

Nana and Papa just left back home. We had tons of fun. Nana bought Morgan a stick horse and Elle a Mickey Mouse doll. They haven't stopped playing with them since. The horse is named Bullseye...after Woody's horse in Toy Story 2. That is the favorite movie of the month. They watch it 2-4 times daily. I don't really mind because it is giving me plenty of time to keep up on my housework!

Morgan keeps asking to go to dance class, so I have been checking into that. I think she will be scared at first, but will love it by the third class. And Miles is just moving all over the place. Whenever I go to get him from a nap he is on the opposite side of the crib. If he has been awake for a while, he will even be on his tummy pushing up with his arms and I can see his little eyes peering out the crib for me!