Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Little Bit About Miles

Miles just turned 5 and is at a super fun stage right now. I thought I would post a couple of cute things about him :)

-He says when he runs, his heart beeps really fast.
-He likes the ocean creature called the sea enemy.
-He is so afraid of heights that he gets scared looking at the ceiling at Costco and is too afraid to look at planes flying in the sky above us.
-Every time he has something to say, he starts off by telling you how many things he wants to tell you. "Mom, I have two things to say."
-He is into Star Wars (only because he has a DS game) and he loves Dark Thader.
-Whenever he thinks I am sad, he gives me big hugs, kisses each cheek and tells me that he is my friend.
-His tummy controls his life. "My tummy told me it's not time to go to bed. My tummy told me I want to play the DS. My tummy told me I want to ride bikes."
-When he comes up the stairs in the morning he calls out "It's your favorite Bookabuns!" to let me know he is awake.


Emily S. said...

He is amazing. He sounds a LOT like Noah in some of these...

And I am so laughing at his fear of heights including tall ceilings and sky-views. WOW!!

Happy Birthday, Little Guy. If we lived closer, I'd make you be Noah's best friend. :)

The Fleming Family said...

He is so sweet! I LOVE that little guy! We miss you guys so much! Can't believe Miles is 5!!!

Stacie said...

Wow, Miles is 5 already?! I giggled over every single one of his sayings. Five-year-old boys are adorable.