Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Morgan is about to lose her front tooth. When she lost her bottom teeth, the toothfairy brought her a gold dollar coin. I asked Morgan if the toothfairy runs out of gold coins and only has silver ones left if that would be ok.
Morgan: What about a real dollar? (traces a rectangle on her pillow)
Mom: Like a dollar bill? Sure, we could write her a note and ask her.
Morgan: Yeah, a dollar bill...with a 20 on it!!

I got a quarter for each tooth, and I don't think the toothfairy is a whole lot richer than when I was little. :)


Emily S. said...

Oh my goodness... cheeky! What a laugh!

The Fleming Family said...

Oh Morgan. You clever little girl! :) (if she gives you a twenty, let me know. I have to have a chat with the toothfairy before she visits emma again.lol)