Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had an awesome Halloween this year! The kids had so much fun dressing up and tried really hard to wear their costumes at least once every day in October. We carved pumpkins and the girls were so excited to pull all the guts out for me, but Miles refused to even have the pumpkin near him! Trick or Treating was fun and the rain hardly bothered us at all. Oh, and we have enough candy now to last us until next year. :)


The Fleming Family said...

OMG How cute are they?!? Love it! So fun!

Stacie said...

How stinkin' cute is that clown costume?!?! I love seeing how much they keep growing.

The Bunnell's said...

So Cute!!!! What cute costumes! I love Elle's clown costume- it is so her! I am glad that you had a great time!