Thursday, August 19, 2010


The girls ran in our room this evening with huge grins on thier faces. They told us they made a carnival in their rooms and needed some customers. Of course Matt and I were more than happy to be the first to try it out. It started in Elle's room with an obstacle course. They had two laid out side by side so Matt and I could race eachother. We had to jump over a stuffed animal, balance along a body pillow, jump on a square pillow, then go back. I won.
Then we had to hit a stuffed animal off of the toy box so that it landed on a dollhouse and rolled onto the floor. The best part was Elle played the drum after every game. Kind of a victory noise, I guess, like the bells ringning at real carnivals.
The girls worked really hard on thier carnival and even cleaned it up afterward, with a little persuasion. It was by far the best part of my whole day.


charise said...

That is soo cute! I want to come to the carnival.

The Bunnell's said...

How creative and fun. A carnival would for sure be the best aprt of the day and to get to share it with such adorable carny workers :)

Stacie said...

Those are such creative girls! They must have had such fun watching their beloved parents play with all their hard work.

(And Miles comment below about the cows was HILARIOUS!!)

Kristi said...

super cute! I love how creative they always are!

Emily S. said...

Seriously, HOW COOL. I love your kiddos!!!