Friday, July 31, 2009


We were driving home from lunch the other day when Elle suddenly got really excited. She saw two Ghostbusters walking down the street outside her window. On closer inspection, I realized they were actually just missionaries with backpacks on. I tried to tell her this, but Elle insisted that they were Ghostbusters because Daddy told her they were real. Morgan then asked me if we might see a giant marshmallow man on our way home, too. I told her he was just pretend, but she informed me that he was in a "real people movie and he lives in the real people world so he is real." I told her there was definitely a chance, then, that we would see a giant marshmallow man on our way home and to keep her eyes peeled for him.


The Bunnell's said...

Too precious! She is such a doll. Too bad you didn't have a Michelin tire store to drive by and maybe the Michelin tire man could have satified her :) It was so good to have your girls at the reunion. Madi and Elle played so good together.

Stacie said...

Matt WOULD say that.

Lisa said...

Very cute story! However...Nicole...I thought you knew the rules...we don't use that awful phrase about keeping your know. Just keep them open, that sounds much better!!!

; )

Emily S. said...

um, that's hilarious.

Joe thought so, too.