Friday, January 2, 2009

A Beaded Mess

I grew up with this craft...tiny cylindrical beads that you put in patterns on a tiny pegboard and then iron them so they fuse together. I thought I would share this childhood memory with my kids, so I went to Michael's and bought some for us to do together. The past couple of weeks, they have been very good doing this while I do dishes, or laundry, or what have you. Then, two days ago, I put them at the table with these beads and went downstairs to get one things. By the time I came back upstairs, this is what I found:

The girls immediately went into turbo apology mode, repeatedly telling me that they were so sorry. I sent them to their rooms to make their beds and clean up toys while I vacuumed. Miles opted to stay behind and insisted that it was his turn to vacuum. How could I stay mad after that?


Stacie Morris said...


Well, there will definitely be some childhood memories!

(Keep up the good work, Miles!)

Phil said...

Nice to see that our kids are not the only mess makers in the world.