Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There have been a lot of pirate episodes of cartoons lately, so the girls wanted to dress up as pirates yesterday. More specifically, Morgan wanted to "go on a pirate ship adventure and go to Pirate Treasure Island and swashbuckle to find more pirate friends." No kidding, that's what she told me! So I got out some paper and we made some pirate gear. If you look closely, even Bear Purse has his own pirate hat! Then the girls wanted to tell ye mateys some jokes, so here we go! No one seems to be able to understand Elle, so here is what she says, "What do you call a bug that hides inside of flowers and jumps out and scares bees? A boobee!!!"

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Lisa said...

Ahoy me hardies! LOVE the pirate gear...Pirate Treasure Island...I wanna go! Love the jokes - too cute!