Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Innocent enough

It was an innocent enough plan: Put Elle to sleep in our bed so while we were out she would not fight with Morgan and Troy would have no trouble. Somehow, it did not quite work out that way. Troy was watching our kids while Matt and I went out for a couple of hours. We put all of the kids to bed before we left. Elle and Morgan have been fighting really bad the last couple of nights and Elle empties the whole dresser. I did not want Troy to have to deal with two little girls and their mayhem. Solution? Put Morgan in her bed and Elle in our bed.

After we were gone maybe 45 min or so, Troy was just hanging out, probably playing GTA4, when he hears the sound of a small object drop upstairs. With three little kids in the house, this is not an uncommon occurrence, even at night. It would have been easy enough to dismiss it as Morgan dropping her book or Miles throwing something out of his crib. But Troy is a top notch babysitter, he lets no problem go unsolved and no mystery go unanswered. So he goes up and checks on the kids. He is smart enough to realize that Elle is the biggest trouble maker this side of the Mississippi, so he checks on her first. He opens the door; she is not in bed. He slowly makes his way around the corner to our bathroom only to find Elle covered from head to toe in a red liquid! He takes a quick look around and realizes that she has found my makeup bag, including my color stay red lipstick! Now the mystery of the fallen object is answered, but remember what I said about Troy also letting no problem go unsolved? He spent two whole hours trying to scrub said lipstick off of Elle's no avail!

So will we see Troy again? Will he dare enter this house once more? Will he ever be brave enough to watch our children again, knowing full well what might happen? Only time will tell.


J.Ammon said...

At first glance I thought that was a roller skating accident, and then while reading I thought Morgan threw a drawer at her... and then it just turns out she wanted to pretty herself up.

Say hi to Troy for me :)

Stacie Morris said...

I laughed SO HARD!! Troy, I always knew you had greatness in you- who knew it was in watching self-destructive children? Elle, you look BEAUTIFUL!!

emily said...

this is a great testimonial for the makeup company... Seriously!!

(I'm just relieved it's not blood.)