Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Running Super Fast

I wanted to add one little video, though many of you will not think it as cute as we do. This is the second day at Disneyland and we are heading to the park about 5 minutes to opening time. Apparently, the girls did not think we could get there soon enough because the refused to walk with us and insisted that we "run super fast!" You can just tell that they think they are going about 100mph! It was adorable! They could not wait to get back on the rides!! Oh, you will also notice that Morgan keeps her left arm bent while the right one flings about! This is because she is used to running with Bear Purse on her left arm. It gives her a sort of Phoebe run!


Tiffany said...

Hi Guys I love your blog! Miles, Elle, and Morgan are so cute! I got your link off of Lisa's blog and I added it to mine too, I hope thats ok :)

emily said...

Ah, BearPurse.... This is so cute and funny!

Stacie Morris said...

Matt!! I finally found Joe again and he led me to yours and Rob's blogs!! What's going on? I have loved seeing your family- I can't believe you have three kids! Come say hi!