Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slumber Party

We had Ava over for a slumber party last night. The girls had so much fun! Everyone made their own mini pizza, each with a face made of peperoni, olives, and green peppers.
Then we decorated sunglasses with ribbon, jewels, and flowers! They were so ugly that they were cute! Morgan's are my favorite!! Then we painted toenails and the girls got in sleeping bags and watched My Little Ponies with cookies and popcorn. At 9:30, I couldn't stay awake any longer. Matt said they were still up when he was ready for bed, so he had to stay up longer to turn the movie off after everyone was finally out! It was so much fun for me to watch these girly girls together!!

1 comment:

charise said...

Ava had such a great time at your house. Thanks for having her. I love the photos! Dont mess with Morgan in the sunglass photo. She looks pretty tough!!